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03 March 2012 @ 05:18 pm
Blasphemy, Chapter 1  

Title: Blasphemy
Author: groffiction/Azriel, Yu’s Bitch
Rating: NC17, depending on the chapter
Fandom: Adommy, Cinema Bizarre AU, Eventual MCR, London After Midnight
Triads/Pairings: Adommy, Yu/Sean/Shay, Kiro/Shin/Donatello, Sasha/Devon/Strify, Ryu/Luminor/Yoshi, Frankie/Gee/Nyck
Disclaimer: Only own the plot and my brainchildren. Everyone else owns themselves.
Summary: Shay never thought that when he was running for his life away from home, that he’d run into the band members of Cinema Bizarre. Nor did he think that not only were the members vampires, but they knew all about his ‘little’ secret of being a dragon. After a few days being with the band, he learns that he has not just one mate, but TWO. Plus, he starts having visions of his past that don't quite add up to what he's been led to believe. With a huge war going on, people running after him every which way, what will Shay do? And who will he trust?
Warnings/Notes: Angsty, eventual sex between boys, vampirism, blood play, gore, mayhem, bondage, mentions of previous torture, abuse, and rape, but highly glossed over. Also, in my story, Cinema Bizarre is still a thriving band with  Luminor in it. This is also the sequel to The Dark End Corner, so Adam, Tommy, and the others will be in here.

Dedicated to:  My peeps on Twitter, and everywhere else that have supported me in writing this very personal story.  You all know who you are, and I appreciate your discretion in the matter. Also, to the lovely boys of the former Cinema Bizarre, Adam Lambert, London After Midnight, and several amazing song artists.

Chapter One

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