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08 February 2010 @ 07:04 pm
Are You Gonna Play With Me?  
Cross-posted. The original (with all the lovely comments) is at TeamLambliff.

Title: Are You Gonna Play With Me?
Author: freckles_slayme
Rating: R
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Word count: 6000 words
Summary: Tommy asks Adam out which leads to Tommy's first time. “Adam thought he was in for a lonely evening, but the universe was planning something else. So was Tommy Joe.”

Credits: Beta’d by the lovely and talented janesgravity. It’s her fault I finished this and I will probably love for it forever. The last line of this fic was inspired by a line in “Wake Up” by bexless. The title is a lyric from “Pick U Up”

A/N: The idea comes from the Popeater interview where Adam said that if someone hot took him out, that would be his dream date. This is my first attempt at fic so it might be awkward. If I get the giggles part way through, forgive me, I’m nervous. It’ll be better next time. Feedback is love.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, it’s all lies. No disrespect intended to anyone who’s name or likeness has been used without their permission. None of this happened, as far as we know.

Adam thought he was in for a lonely evening, but the universe was planning something else. So was Tommy Joe. It all started with a phone call. Adam was resting on the bed in another nameless hotel, listening to his iPod when the ringing startled him. He was bored and tired – too keyed up to sleep, too worn out to put the effort into finding somewhere to go. A month into the tour, it was already a familiar feeling. He reached for the phone with one hand and pulled his ear buds out with the other, hoping for something good. The voice on the other end of the line was familiar and his mood improved instantly.

“Hey Adam, you need to pretty yourself up.”

“Tommy?” Adam asked.

“Who else?”

“What the fuck, we don't have an event tonight.”

“I know. Come out with me.” Tommy paused and Adam was silent. Tommy wasn’t sure if it was good, “I was hoping you’d ask” silence or bad “what the fuck makes you think I wanna go out with you?” silence. He took a deep breath and dove back in. “I want to take you out Adam, on a date? I was gonna just show up and surprise you but I figure it takes at least an hour for you to do your thing. You were probably bored anyway. It could be fun. Let me take you out.”

Tommy realized he was rambling and shoved his fist in his mouth to force himself to shut the fuck up. He started pacing as he waited. He had no talent for stillness. It had seemed like a good idea earlier. Things had been going well with Adam and Tommy had managed to convince himself that this could work. He knew Adam wasn’t seeing anyone and he thought maybe . . . but as the silence grew it crowded out his confidence.

On the other end of the line Adam sat up, his boredom forgotten. He made his decision quickly and decided to play a little. “This is a date?” he asked doing his best to sound unconvinced.

“Only if you say yes.” Tommy held the phone tight in his right hand while the fingers of his left hand tried to find a rhythm against his thigh. “I’ve been trying to,” he began, then started again. “I’ve been flirting my ass off okay? You haven’t made a move, not off stage. I thought maybe you were waiting for me. Fuck.” He wasn’t sure why he ever thought this would be easy. His voice grew quieter. “This isn't a cock tease Adam. It’s an offer, a real date - dinner somewhere quiet or dancing somewhere loud. If you want.”

Tommy wasn’t sure when he reverted back to being 17, but clearly that was what was happening now. He sat down on the edge of the bed and rested his forehead against his hand. Monte was going to tease him about this forever.

A few doors down the hall a huge smile broke out over Adam’s face. “You’re asking me out,” Adam said, a statement rather than a question.

Tommy’s usual cockiness abandoned him completely. “You’re enjoying this. Fuck it Adam if you don’t want to just say so. Are you coming or not?”

Adam didn’t hesitate. “I’m in. Dinner sounds perfect, I’m starving.”

“Good.” Tommy let out a breath he hoped Adam couldn’t hear. “So go get pretty. I'll be by in an hour. And I’m driving.” Tommy hung up the phone and threw himself back onto the bed. He had no idea if he just made the best or worst decision of his life.

An hour later Adam was ready when he heard the knock at the door. He opened it and before he could do more than smile Tommy said, “Fuck.”

Adam laughed. “I’m gonna assume that’s a good ‘fuck’. You like?” Still standing in the doorway he did a little spin, clearly showing off. It should have been ridiculous but somehow it wasn’t. Tommy tried to take in the whole outfit, but there was a lot to look at. He’d seen Adam dressed up before. He’s seen him red carpet ready, but this was different. There were pieces he recognized - the feather necklace, and those particular jeans - but it was all put together into something entirely new and completely Adam.

Tommy realized that it was put together for him and felt an unexpected burst of pride. “You look,” Tommy didn’t mean to pause but he couldn’t help it. His left hand drifted to the back of his neck and stayed there. “Fuck. You always look good but this is incredible. You went all out.” Adam just stood there, beaming.

“I have a feeling tonight will be worth it,” he said, winking at Tommy. “Now let me get a good look at you.” Adam took a step forward and slowly looked Tommy up and down, possessive and a little predatory. Tommy could feel his eyes all over him. Adam had cruised him before, but this was different too. This was a look that was going somewhere. Tommy squared his shoulders, stood his ground and tried to take it like a man.

After a long moment of appraisal Adam spoke. “You’re looking pretty fantastic yourself Tommy Joe. That’s a new jacket.” Tommy smirked, ducked his head and made a mental note to say thanks to Cassidy for the fashion advice as Adam continued to stare.

Tommy cut off the inspection by saying, “So you look great and I look great. Wanna get out of here? We have a reservation.”

“You made reservations,” Adam said and the twinkle in his eye gave him away. Tommy reached out and took Adam’s hand, lacing their fingers together. Adam locked the hotel room door and they headed for the elevators.


When they got to the restaurant Tommy drove round to the back. “Are we getting take out?” Adam asked. “The front door is back there.”

“So is the crowd,” Tommy pointed out. “Think I’m gonna walk you through that so every fucker with a cellphone can start snapping pics? I’ll take better care of you than that.” As they pulled up to a nondescript back door it opened and a valet walked over to the car. Tommy got out, handed him the keys and smiled when he saw the surprise on Adam’s face.

“What? It’s a thing they do, if you ask nicely.” He was teasing now, and enjoying it. “You’re kinda high maintenance you know. Can’t take you just anywhere.”

Adam smiled back. “You love it.”

“Like you said, I have a feeling tonight will be worth it.”

They slipped in through the back door. Tommy could feel Adam’s hand on the small of his back, steady and comforting. A waiter took them down a short hallway and through another door, Tommy in the lead and Adam just behind him. A few more steps and they were in the main room of the restaurant but at a table tucked away in its own enclave.

The lighting was low, the chairs close and the strategic placement of trees and screens made them all but invisible to the rest of the guests. Adam and Tommy took their seats on adjoining sides of the square table. Moments later a waiter appeared with menus, took their drink order and slipped away.

There was music somewhere in the background and that’s what Tommy tried to focus on as his brain screamed “holy fuck you’re on a date with Adam Lambert!” He tried to remind himself that this wasn’t exactly his first time taking someone to dinner. But this was Adam and that changed everything.

“This is very nice,” Adam said looking around appreciatively. They had been inside the restaurant almost five minutes and no one had so much as turned a head in their direction. When the waiter returned with their drinks Adam let his sit on the table. Tommy reached for his own right away, thankful for something to wrap his fingers around and a little liquid courage to slow his racing heart.

“Glad you like it,” Tommy replied, somewhat more in control of his pulse. “I wanted to have dinner with you, not you and a hundred of your adoring fans. I mean they’re great and all, but I want to be selfish with you tonight.”

“I like the sound of that,” Adam said looking right into Tommy’s eyes. Tommy breath caught, but he hid it well. Adam picked up his drink and held Tommy’s gaze as he took a sip. Tommy gulped. Setting the drink down Adam smiled, broke the gaze and turned his attention back to the menu. “So what looks good here?” he asked. Tommy saw a slight shadow run across his face.

“The seafood here is supposed to be really good,” Tommy replied. “And, uh, I sent the menu to Katherine this morning. She said to tell you that any of the fish and any chicken except the parmagiana is good.” He looked up, and unable to read Adam’s expression, rushed forward. “She said to remind you that today is a dessert day. And she says ‘don't waste it’.” Tommy chanced a glance at Adam who looked both shocked and very pleased.

“You talked to my nutritionist?” Adam asked.

“I wasn't going to bring you some place you can't eat.” Tommy’s tone was careful, almost apologetic. “I know you worry and tonight I just wanted you to enjoy, you know?”

Adam’s smile lit the room. He reached across the table to take Tommy’s hand in his own, tangling their fingers together. Pulling Tommy toward him, he leaned in and kissed him, a long, lingering kiss. It was private back here, there was no need to rush. Tommy’s hand moved to Adam’s thigh under the table, as Adam’s tongue traced a line across Tommy’s lips. Tommy opened up to let him in, arching his neck to find a better angle.

After a few minutes of lazy kissing, Adam pulled away and picked up the discarded menu. He said just two words: “thank you.” Adam’s smile stayed in place as he turned back to the menu. “Wanna split the sea bass and the lemon pepper chicken?”

Sharing turned out to be a wonderful idea. They fed each other bites, some serious, some playful, much of it accompanied by “you have to try this!” It was a very good restaurant and the food was delicious. Tommy was enjoying himself and every time he looked over at Adam it was clear he was having a good time too.

As the meal progressed they stepped into little intimacies. Adam picked the celery out of the rice pilaf for Tommy and Tommy let him hog the potatoes. When a little gravy dripped off the fork and onto Adam’s chin Tommy caught it and placed his thumb to Adam’s lips. Adam licked at the gravy and took Tommy’s thumb into his mouth. Tommy almost dropped the fork. They went through all of dinner like that, talking, eating, kissing and touching.

The conversation was worthy of the food. Tommy had worried that it might get awkward, but it never did. They talked about music and the tour and bands they had seen. They talked about the future and skimmed over the past. They talked briefly of preferences. Adam was more interested in the fact that Tommy was here, with him, than in labels. But he was curious. He didn’t want to jinx it, but he asked anyway as their dinner plates were cleared away.

“So why now? I thought you were straight and then I thought maybe you weren’t.”

“I thought I was straight too,” Tommy said. “But then I met you.”

“And what, I made you gay?”

“No.” Tommy couldn’t resist smirking at Adam. “I mean I know you have a mighty dick and all, but even you have limits. You didn’t make me gay, but you made me wonder. Plus, you kissed me. You really kissed me and it should have been fucking weird and it wasn’t. So I got curious. You made me want to find out.”

“And now? Still wondering?”

“Turns out I like both. But I like you best of all.”

“I like you best of all, too.”

With the plates cleared it was time for desert. Unconsciously they had been inching their chairs closer together as the meal progressed. When Adam picked up the dessert menu, Tommy leaned in close so they could read it together.

“Oh my god it all looks so good. What do you want to get?” Adam asked.

“I liked sharing dinner, we should share dessert.”

“I like this plan,” Adam replied. “But which one?"

“That one., Tommy said, pointing to the last dessert on the list. It was a spicy Mexican chocolate lava cake served with vanilla bean gelato. “It’s spicy and sweet, it has ice cream, and you’re always claiming you’re vanilla. It’s basically you on a plate.” Tommy couldn’t help laughing at his own joke.

“So what are you saying Tommy, you wanna dig into me?” Adam asked, a thick layer of innuendo turning his voice to caramel. Tommy licked his lips before he realized what he was doing and Adam laughed, delighted. “Maybe we should get it to go.”

Tommy leaned over and kissed Adam. “Katherine said not to waste it, remember? There’s no freezer at the hotel and the ice cream will melt before we get there.”

“Then we better eat it here,” Adam agreed. “I plan to savor everything tonight.”

They finished up with dessert and got back to the hotel surprisingly quickly. As they walked down the hall Adam turned to Tommy, “I know this is your date, but I have a suite. Let’s go to my room.”

Adam pulled out his key card, opened the door with one hand, and reached for Tommy with the other. "Come on in." Inside the room Adam let go of Tommy’s hand and went to turn on a lamp. Tommy stood just inside the door, rooted to the carpet. He was in Adam’s room, on a date. Tommy felt like a virgin and had to stifle a groan as he realized that was exactly what he was. “Oh god,” he thought. “This is gonna be awkward.” Adam turned back and reached out to him. "C'mere".

Tommy nodded slightly and walked over to Adam. He felt Adam’s arms wrap around him pulling him in tight. Tommy could feel his heart pounding in his chest, and this close he was sure Adam could feel it too. He would have done anything to slow it down. Adam seemed to read his thoughts, not for the first time. When he spoke his voice was quiet, his mouth so close that it tickled the edge of Tommy's ear.

"I'm not gonna fuck you tonight. If that helps."

"I- " Tommy searched for words but couldn't find them.

Adam stepped in to fill the silence. "It's ok. I know you haven't." As Adam's voice soothed his hand moved to the back of Tommy’s head, stroking his hair. "We'll work up to that. I promise." Tommy felt Adam's smile as his lips moved against his ear and that, more than the words, slowed his traitorous heart a little. He felt himself step forward sinking deeper into Adam's embrace. They stood together in silence, Adam simply holding Tommy, his hand working the tight muscles at the top of his neck as Tommy fought to get his breath and pulse back under control. When Adam felt Tommy relax in his arms, he spoke again.

"I'm really going to enjoy teaching you. There are a lot of ways to play. I want to take my time with you."

"I feel like an idiot." Tommy mumbled into Adam’s shoulder. It was easier to say when he didn't have to look at him. "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing."

"So we'll start with what you know.” Adam pulled back a little to make eye contact with Tommy. “Kiss me.”

Adam angled his head and Tommy moved to meet him, his lips a little dry, but steady. Kissing he knew how to do. Tommy was a fantastic kisser. The kiss went deep and quickly. Soon it felt like Adam was everywhere. One of Adam’s hands roamed over Tommy’s back while the other cupped his jaw. Tommy held on with a hand behind Adam’s neck. It took a minute before he realized that his other hand had found its own way to Adam’s ass. He decided to leave it there.

Tommy had kissed guys before, drunk or as a joke, but any serious kissing had always been with girls. Kissing Adam was entirely different. All the times Tommy had kissed girls it was like everything had rounded edges. It wasn’t just the curves of the girls themselves, but a softness, almost a restraint that held back the want and curbed a little of his aggression. With girls there was always part of him that was aware that he was stronger, that he could hurt if he didn’t pay attention.

Kissing Adam, he didn’t have to think about that. He could be a little rougher, he could let go. Every time Tommy pressed in asking for more Adam answered back. When Tommy sucked on Adam’s tongue, Adam let him do it and followed up with a quick lesson in what tongues can do. Tommy nibbled down Adam’s jaw. Adam pulled at the neck of Tommy’s shirt and sucked a fresh hickey just at the point where his neck and shoulder met. Adam moved back up to take Tommy’s earlobe between his lips. His tongue played with the piercings and Tommy forgot to breathe.

Unlike many of the girls Tommy had kissed, Adam didn’t play coy with his desire. His want was obvious. At that particular moment, Adam’s want was lodged against Tommy’s thigh, hard and demanding, impossible to ignore. When Tommy’s knees buckled for only the second time in his life - what the fuck? - Adam caught him with an arm around his waist and chuckled.

“Maybe we should take this to the couch,” Adam suggested.

“Maybe you should let me up for air so I don’t faint.”

“Too much kissing, Glitterbaby? I thought you liked it?” Adam pouted, openly teasing.

Tommy reached up to take hold of Adam’s jaw, “I’m just getting started, Babyboy.” They took advantage of the pause, slipping out of their dinner jackets and kicking off their boots. Adam crossed the room and sat down on the couch. Tommy pounced on him, crawling into his lap and straddling him, pinning him against the cushions.

They stayed on the couch a while, kissing each other thoroughly and getting annoyed with the clothes that kept getting in the way. Sitting didn’t last long. They melted sideways until they were laying on the velvet cushions pressed up against each other like teenagers in a basement. Lips found throats while fingers searched for accessible skin. There was no talking, just gasp here and there, a moan, a rustle of fabric and underneath it all a mounting friction that charged the air like a thunder storm gathering strength.

It was Tommy who drew breath long enough to break the silence. “So you’re really not gonna fuck me tonight?” he asked. “What, not pretty enough for you?” He was nervous again and trash talking seemed to be a side effect of adrenaline. Adam cocked an eyebrow at him as if he were indulging a child.
“Fishing for compliments now?” he asked. “Tommy Joe Ratliff you know you are plenty pretty enough. Here, I’ll prove it.” Adam took one of Tommy’s hands, placed it firmly over his own crotch and held it there. “See? My cock thinks you’re stunning,” Adam said staring into Tommy’s eyes. “And I agree.”

Tommy squirmed under the weight of the compliment and the pressure of Adam, hard beneath his hand. He knew all of this was going somewhere and wished they could just get to it before his body flaked on him. “So let’s do it already,” Tommy said starting to get up off the couch, eager to get out of his pants. But Adam was still holding on to his hand and a little pressure kept him where he was.

When he spoke, Adam’s voice was suddenly serious. “It’s not that I don’t want to.” He reached up to run his fingers along the side of Tommy’s face. Tommy looked like he might run, for the door or for the bed, Adam wasn’t sure but he needed him to listen first. “I’m not gonna fuck you tonight.” Adam wasn’t teasing now. His eyes were deep blue, his pupils large, but he was focused and sure. “You’re brand new. You’ve got to give your body a chance to adjust. If we rush it you could tear and I won’t risk that.”

Adam had both of Tommy’s hands in his own now. He stared into Tommy, willing him to understand. “We start with fingering and that’s as far as your ass goes tonight. I need you to know where this is going while we still have our pants on and can think straight.” Tommy must have looked disappointed, because after a moment’s pause Adam spoke again. This seriousness was gone and a chuckle bubbled under his voice again.

“Don’t worry baby. I have no intention of sending you home with blue balls tonight.” He dropped a quick kiss on Tommy’s lips. “Actually, I have no intention of sending you home at all. I need you to go with me on this, just trust me. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I can take it.” Tommy knew he sounded petulant but he couldn’t help it. If they were really doing this, he didn’t want Adam to hold back.

“I know you can,” Adam said and the look in his eyes told Tommy he meant in. “But I can’t. If I hurt you . . . My first time wasn’t good. I want your first, our first, to be perfect. I want to make this so good for you.” Tommy looked up at Adam nodded once. “Good it’s settled. Come to bed.” Adam stared openly at Tommy’s crotch. “We need to get you out of those pants before you injure yourself.”

The bed in Adam’s suite was huge. Being the star definitely had its advantages and Tommy was glad that he agreed to come here instead of his little room down the hall. Adam turned on another lamp and plugged his iPod into a small set of speakers on the nightstand. Goldfrap started to play quietly, softening the room like candle light.

“So that really is your make-out music?” Tommy asked.

“They’re good! I have a playlist.”

“And you’re prepared,” Tommy said, gesturing to the small tube and washcloth sitting close to the speakers. Adam shrugged his shoulders and came to stand right in front of Tommy.

“I hoped. You did say this wasn’t a cock tease.” Adam kissed Tommy again, slipping his hands under Tommy’s shirt. He stayed there a moment then ran his hands up Tommy’s back, taking the shirt with him. Tommy held his arms above his head to let Adam take it off. The kiss broke briefly to let the shirt pass and Tommy shivered a little as the cool air hit his skin. They rejoined at the lips and Tommy’s hands tried to find the buttons on Adam’s shirt without really looking. But they were tiny buttons.

“Fuck. Who buys shirts with such small buttons?” Tommy asked. He was tempted to just rip the shirt off but he doubted that destroying clothes was a turn on for Adam. “Fuck. They’re small and slippery,” he said as his fingers slipped again. He looked up at Adam, who was trying to hold in a grin. “Don’t you fucking say it.”

Adam just raised an eyebrow. “I would never.”

Finally the buttons surrendered and Adam’s shirt joined Tommy’s on the floor. For a moment they both seemed torn between the need for more kissing and the desire for less clothing. The clothing won out. Hands found buttons and zippers and with a little slightly less than graceful tugging – the one down side to tight jeans – everything was off. There would be time for more skillful stripping later. The kissing picked up again in earnest as they began to learn each other’s bodies.

Nakedness confirmed what they suspected back on the couch. They were ready for this. In the light of the lamp their bodies were secret and familiar. Adam had seen most of Tommy’s tattoos, but not, it turned out, all of them. He planned to study them properly but that would have to wait. He was not surprised to see the definition across Tommy’s chest or the hard curve of his shoulders. He had never been one to confuse size with strength. He reached out to touch, running his fingertips over the swells and dips.

Tommy was not surprised to see that Adam’s freckles really were everywhere. They dotted over the muscled places and cascaded down the soft ones. What did surprise Tommy was the narrowness of Adam’s hips and the flat plane of his stomach. Whatever Adam and his nutritionist were up to, it was definitely working. Tommy hoped he would remember to tell that to Adam later. Adam took Tommy’s hand and led him over to the bed.

"You should lie on your stomach," he said.

Tommy laid down, bracing himself on his elbows to spare his cock. He let his head hang down, enjoying the stretch in his neck and hoping it hid the blush he could feel burning across his face. He took a deep breath and tried not to clench. Fucking nerves. Adam eased on to the bed and knelt beside him. He didn’t move, he just stared at Tommy in the low light. "Fuck, you're beautiful" he whispered. He continued to stare at Tommy and chewed his lower lip for a moment. Then it was Adam’s turn to take a deep breath. He made up his mind and leaned in.

He had ached to touch Tommy’s skin and now, finally, it was time. Adam began a slow worship of Tommy’s body, stroking him over and over. His warm hands followed the lines of Tommy’s back and the curve of his ass. He ran his hands down the back of Tommy's thighs and started back up by his neck to repeat the path. "I'm just gonna keep doing this," he said quietly. "It’ll help you relax. When you're ready, open your legs for me."

Adam's hands asked no questions. They didn't rush or pry, they just moved over Tommy, a constant and assuring presence, as if they were whispering over and over "I’m here. You're safe. I've got you." From time to time Adam leaned down to kiss - the back of Tommy's neck, or the back of his knee - always soft and slow as if Adam could stay doing just this all night.

Tommy moaned quietly and stretched out under Adam's touch. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, but it wasn't this. His whole body was lit up. He felt like he should be doing something more than just lying there, receiving, but it felt too fucking good to move. The heat from Adam's hands gathered in his stomach and pooled deep in his back. He wanted to stay like this forever; he wanted to know what came next. A more ancient part of his brain took over. He felt his cock twitch as he spread his legs.

Adam's breath hitched at the sight of Tommy spread out beneath him. His hands kept going. "You're sure?" he asked. Tommy turned to look at Adam over his shoulder.

"I want you. I want this." Tommy could just reach the nightstand without moving more than his arm. He grabbed the lube and held it out to Adam, an open invitation. "Show me what comes next."

Adam took a deep breath and poured a generous amount of lube into his hand. He put the bottle back on the night stand and his dry hand went back to stroking Tommy. Now was not the time for him to start tensing up. Adam rubbed his fingers together, slicking them and trying to warm the lube. “This might be a little cold at first, but it’ll warm up,” he said.

Adam’s dry hand stroked a long line down Tommy’s back. This time when he reached his ass he stopped and spread Tommy’s cheeks. He placed a wet finger just beside Tommy’s hole and Tommy jumped at the contact. “Easy, it’s just me baby,” Adam soothed and started to trace circles around Tommy with wet fingers.

Tommy took a breath and settled again. Adam stayed in place, circling until he felt the ring of muscle start to loosen. There was no good way to explain to Tommy what this was going to feel like, but the more relaxed he was, the easier it was going to be.

Tommy started to twitch against his hand and Adam slid his index finger in, just up to the first joint. He pushed past the muscle and waited. Tommy’s ass gripped tightly around Adam’s finger, an unconscious reflex. Adam didn’t move. “It’s ok, take your time,” he said more to remind Tommy he was still there than to offer any real instruction. When he felt Tommy’s muscles let go he slowly moved forward watching his finger disappear inside.

When he was all the way in Tommy said “oh.”

“You ok?” Adam asked stilling his hand again. “Does it hurt?”

“Doesn’t hurt much, just feels really fucking weird.”

“Good weird or bad weird?”

“Good weird.”

“Good. It’s about to get better.” Adam started to carefully slide his finger in and out. They found a rhythm and Tommy’s hips began to move with him as his body opened up around Adam. Adam added a second finger and Tommy didn’t break stride. A quiet moan fell from his lips.

Adam began to curl his fingers inside Tommy, stroking and searching. Tommy let out a loud “Jesus! Fuck!” when Adam found what he was looking for. Tommy started to writhe around Adam’s fingers, his whole body in motion, desperately seeking friction.

“Fuck Adam,” Tommy whined, looking back over his shoulder. “My dick is killing me.” From what Tommy could see, he wasn’t the only one in need.

“I can help with that,” Adam said. He leaned over to place a kiss at the base of Tommy’s spine and slowly pulled his fingers out. He grabbed the washcloth from the nightstand to clean them. Adam grabbed the lube and said, “Climb under the covers and scoot over.”

Tommy scurried under the blankets and rolled onto his side. Adam climbed in and lay down beside him, their bodies touching from shoulder to thigh. Adam put his arms around Tommy and kissed him long and deep, his tongue tasting all of Tommy’s secrets. “You did great baby.” The kissing, while passionate, didn’t last long. There were pressing issues at hand. Tommy reached down to stroke his own cock and Adam said, “There’s a better way.”

Adam took Tommy’s hand and poured lube over it. He rubbed their hands together, and Tommy gasped at the sensation as cool lube squished between his fingers and Adam’s. It was intimate and full of promise. Tommy smiled in spite of himself at the thought that this was intimate when Adam’s fingers had just been . . . but Adam moved their hands just then and cut off his thought.

They had moved just far enough apart for their hands to fit between their bodies. Adam wrapped both wet hands around both leaking cocks and applied just a little pressure. Tommy’s eyes went wide at the touch of Adam’s cock against his own, hot and pulsing. It reminded Tommy of standing too close to a bass amp at a concert, how a loud enough bass can reset your heartbeat. Tommy felt the beat in his heart and the throbbing in his dick match themselves to the pace Adam was setting. He hoped this wasn’t going to be a long tease, he didn’t think he had a lot of time left in him.

Adam’s thumb circled around just under both heads. The touch and then loss of touch as Adam moved around one cock and then the other made Tommy hyper aware of just how close he was to coming undone. Adam caught Tommy’s thumb and moved both of them together around their cocks. Tommy started to wonder just how many sensations a man could feel before his head – either of them – exploded. “You know how you like it,” Adam gasped, barely able to form the words. “Show me. Take me with you.”

Tommy shifted his hand, tightened his grip over Adam’s fingers and moved their hands together. He wanted to make it last but need drove his rhythm hard and fast. He stroked without finesse, egged on by a primal desire. He squeezed and twisted, trying to adjust what he knew to the unfamiliar feeling of two cocks in his hand rather than one. The lube and liquid mixed together, slicking their hands so he could move as fast as he wanted. He stroked and pulled, faster and faster, hurrying them to edge.

They came, almost together, Tommy just a breath before Adam. They shook with the pleasure of it -- moans and names and profanities mixing together in the dark. They rode it out and eventually Adam released his hold to gather Tommy in even closer. He pressed a kiss to Tommy’s temple, wanting to ask but reluctant to break the moment. It was Tommy’s turn to read his thoughts.

“Perfect,” Tommy said, his chest heaving, lungs gulping at the air. “That was exactly...”

“You liked it?” Adam asked. He knew he sounded needy but he had to be sure.

“You know I loved it. I’m never getting out of this bed.”

“Is that a promise?” Adam asked.

“I promise,” Tommy said and stifled a yawn. He curled into Adam, already feeling exhaustion flood into the empty spaces where his nervousness had been.

“I had a great time tonight.” Adam whispered. “This was a dream date.” Tommy looked up at him through his eyelashes and smiled, sleepy and sated.

“Plenty more where that came from. But first you gotta let me sleep.” Tommy was already burrowing into Adam, settling against him like he’d always been there.

“I should clean us up,” Adam said starting to wriggle away from Tommy so he could sit up.

But Tommy reached an arm across the space to pull Adam back in. “Later. We can shower together in the morning. Sleep now. Here with me.”

Adam settled back under the covers and gently rolled Tommy so he could spoon behind him. Tommy wriggled back into Adam, reveling in the feel of skin on skin and claiming the space as his own.
“Good night Tommy,” Adam whispered pacing a gentle kiss on Tommy’s temple as he reached across him to turn off the lamp. “Sweet dreams.” Adam sank back down onto the bed, a heavy contentment anchoring him. Tommy’s breathing evened out as his body went slack. Adam could hardly believe what Tommy had said, so casually - “we can shower together in the morning.” Adam smiled into the darkness, took a deep breath and went under.
rosegust on February 9th, 2010 05:20 am (UTC)
Wow!!! One of the most charming, funny, erotic virgin fics I've happened upon. The whole thing was well written, but my fav line has to be "He knew all of this was going somewhere and wished they could just get to it before his body flaked on him." I literally sucked in my breath, giggled, and had to read that line two more times before moving on. Best of all, even as weird as this was for Tommy, Adam slept content knowing Tommy was going to be alright with this in the morning. Wow!!! Again. Did I say how much I loved this?
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 9th, 2010 05:45 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you liked it :) I worried that the pacing might be too slow but I think that if Tommy hadn't been with a man before, it's a lot to deal with to go straight into full on sex on a first date. (Even with Adam, who I'm sure is rather ~capable.) This was my first fic (Tommy wasn't the only virgin in this story) so it's really wonderful to hear that it works for people. Thanks for taking the time to comment ♥
(Deleted comment)
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 9th, 2010 01:47 pm (UTC)
What a lovely comment, thank you! I think that Tommy has only seriously dated girls, whether or not he's ever been attracted to a man before. To make the big a step, I'd think you'd have to be sure that it's something real.
ankh_phoenixankh_phoenix on February 9th, 2010 07:09 am (UTC)
wow this was your first fic i don't believe that at all it was so so amazing!! i loved your Tommy he seemed very realistic in you know that mix of nervousness and confidence..
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 9th, 2010 01:51 pm (UTC)
I swear it really was my first in any fandom. Tommy & Adam are just really ~inspirational :) I'm glad it felt realistic. I think there would be that constact pull of "I want this" and "I don't know how to do this." I think Tommy is pretty adventurous and Adam is a great teacher. Thanks for commenting :)
Pen: Adam fiercepensnest on February 9th, 2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
This is Good Stuff. I have an 'equality kink' (?) so I love it when the little and less experienced guy takes the lead and gets things moving. And the sex was lovely—hot and caring. Enjoyed this a lot.
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 10th, 2010 01:45 am (UTC)
Someone said early on that Tommy is not a submissive personality and I think that's true. I'm so glad you liked this :)
eowyn_for_adameowyn_for_adam on February 10th, 2010 03:35 am (UTC)
Oh - this was soooo good!
"It’s spicy and sweet, it has ice cream, and you’re always claiming you’re vanilla. It’s basically you on a plate."
Adam says he's a romantic, and we all know that there's a lot of "spice" mixed in there...
Back when, vanilla was considered VERY exotic, ya know!
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 10th, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)
I doubt he'll ever tell us, and it's really none of our business, but I would LOVE to hear what Adam's definition of vanilla actually is :) Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it!
pyrosgf: Adam Queen Teepyrosgf on February 13th, 2010 12:09 am (UTC)
This was perfect. A long drawn out seduction. Beautifully done.
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 13th, 2010 03:25 am (UTC)
Thank you :) I hoped it would be enough, that people wouldn't feel ripped off. I think a first time would take time, you know?
pyrosgf: Adam Ferraspyrosgf on February 13th, 2010 05:30 am (UTC)
Your pacing was a beautiful thing bb. Hate those rushed first times.
fueledbykradamfueledbykradam on February 13th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
Great story. I really got into it and I loved it. =]
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 13th, 2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
Yay, I'm glad to hear it was able to take you away. Thanks for taking the time to comment :)
fueledbykradamfueledbykradam on February 14th, 2010 05:05 am (UTC)
Yes the story definitely took me away with it. I really liked the way you wrote Adam and Tommy, and how sweet they were with each other. You're welcome. :)
2db12342db1234 on February 13th, 2010 11:02 pm (UTC)
Great job and I loved the idea of Tommy taking the lead. You wrote them both as caring and sensitive and it worked out great. Hope to read more of your work soon. :)
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 13th, 2010 11:14 pm (UTC)
Thank you :) I have a short piece that should be going up on the next day or two. Hope you like it.
glambiniglambini on February 14th, 2010 09:01 am (UTC)
Just read this. Awesome. I spazed out during and after...;-)
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 14th, 2010 04:01 pm (UTC)
Spazzing is always an appropriate and welcome response :)
zindrlazindrla on February 15th, 2010 01:33 am (UTC)
This was fabulous.
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on February 15th, 2010 02:16 am (UTC)
Thank you! It's my first attempt at fic so I was hella nervous about posting it. I appreciate the comment :)
mja24mja24 on April 21st, 2010 04:03 am (UTC)
That was so sweet and yet so hot...loved it!
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on June 30th, 2010 12:40 am (UTC)
I'm not sure how I missed your comment back in April, but thank you! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :)
Minxie: Adam/Tommy Smilethe_minx_17 on June 29th, 2010 10:10 pm (UTC)
Well now. This is a very enjoyable, well paced read. *bookmarks*
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on June 30th, 2010 12:39 am (UTC)
Thank you, I'm so glad you liked it! This was my very first attempt at fic writing. It's a little rough in places, but like Tommy, I had to start somewhere :)
laurapetrilaurapetri on July 5th, 2010 03:02 am (UTC)
freckles_slaymefreckles_slayme on July 5th, 2010 05:05 am (UTC)
You're welcome :D